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1-10 of 1,588 companies

500 Global is a venture capital firm with more than $1.8 billion in assets under management that invests early in founders building fast-growing technology companies.

$6.24 M Revenue 29 Employees San Francisco, CA Visa And Passport Office 7

Investing in technologies that bring social impact into the 21st Century. Our funds include @ReThink_Ed and @ReThinkImpact.

$6.77 M Revenue 32 Employees White Plains, NY Corporate Office 7

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CofoundersLab, a community of entrepreneurs supporting each other's success. A resource for founders. Connect, meet and collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs.

$13.5 M Revenue 60 Employees New York City, NY Business Networking Company 7

Built by students and powered by @generalcatalyst, we help you get from first to final draft with a community, mentorship, education, and an early check.

$3.12 M Revenue 14 Employees Cambridge, MA 7

Search for franchises opportunities for sale. Browse franchises by industry, state or investment level on

$5.16 M Revenue 25 Employees Atlanta, GA Business Management Consultant 7

Palo Alto-based VC supporting extraordinary seed-stage founders of all backgrounds to build legendary technology companies.

$1.06 M Revenue 5 Employees Menlo Park, CA Corporate Office 7

MissionOG provides human and financial capital to early and growth stage B2B technology companies. We apply our experience and capabilities to a group of highly skilled and pas...

$3.35 M Revenue 15 Employees Philadelphia, PA Consultant 7

TTCP is an investment manager with families of funds focused on primary commitments to venture funds, LP and direct secondaries, and direct investments.

$6.54 M Revenue 27 Employees San Francisco, CA Financial Consultant 7

ABOUT WOODCREST Woodcrest Capital, LLC is a diversified real estate, finance, oil and gas, and investment firm that acquires and develops real estate, makes distressed asset in...

$18.7 M Revenue 38 Employees Fort Worth, TX Commercial Real Estate Agency 7

36th Street Capital is into the business of providing equipment financing to bring US companies back on solid ground.

$1.33 M Revenue 6 Employees Morristown, NJ Consultant 7