Interview Valet

Founded in 2015


Interview Valet is a podcast interview marketing agency that helps individuals and businesses turn listeners into leads and leads into customers. They specialize in finding the best podcasts for their clients and helping them share their stories effect...


  • Interview Valet has a strong market share in their industry
  • Revenue generated per employee is greater than industry average
  • Demonstrating revenue growth that is faster than the industry average
  • The number of employees is growing faster than the industry average
  • Revenue growth is more steady than the industry average
  • Since Interview Valet was founded, the company has grown faster than the industry average
  • Web traffic rankings are better than the industry average
  • Employees are staying with the company and less likely to churn compared to the rest of the industry


  • Interview Valet will likely have a high level of competition for a deal

Annual Revenue

Interview Valet's annual revenue


Based on Kona Equity data

  • Revenue per employee


  • Variance of revenue growth


  • Annual revenue growth since founding


  • Revenue growth rate from first known quarter to current


Employee Count

17 employees

  • Employee growth rate from first known quarter to current


  • Current employees on Linkedin


  • Churned employees


  • Churn rate percentage



Tom Schwab



Karen Schwab

Podcast Relationship Manager


Chloe Williamson

Account Manager, Client


Jessica Morgan

Account Manager, Client


Kristen Nolan

Account Manager, Client


Adam Saada

Guest On Business Specialist & S Freedom Formula Owner


Cindy Thomas

Account Manager, Client


Melissa Rogers

Account Manager, Client


Natalie Wilber

Podcast Relationship Manager


Ashley Shepherd

Account Manager


Joseph Berman

Director, Podcaster Relations


Kayla Morgan

Executive Assistant


Claudia Beard

Podcast Relationship Manager


Jayme Richardson

Lead Podcast Relationship Manager


Tiffany Meenk

Interview Valet


Evette Langham

Podcast Relationship Manager


Rachel Whitener

Account Manager, Client At


John-Paul Vieira

Podcast At Relationship Manager


Justine Lafond

Podcast Relationship Manager


G Score - 8

The G Score is an eight-point scale where firms are given a score of 1 for each of the criteria that they pass. The G score compares a company against the industry median to find those that are healthy and growing.

  • G1 Revenue is greater than the industry median.
  • G2 Income per employee more than industry average.
  • G3 Revenue growth rate from the first known quarter to current is higher than the industry average.
  • G4 Employee growth rate from the first known quarter to current is higher than the industry average.
  • G5 Variance of revenue growth is less than the industry average
  • G6 Annual revenue growth since founding is higher than the industry average.
  • G7 Website traffic rankings are better than the industry average
  • G8 LinkedIn Churn is lower than the industry average.

Web Analysis

  • Rank

    273 K

  • Page views per visitor


  • Daily time


  • Bounce Rate

    57.6 %


P.O. Box 127 
Mattawan, MI  49071

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Key Information

  • SIC: 73; 731
  • NAICS: 5418; 541
Disclaimer: These numbers are estimates and any other company information is based off our proprietary algorithms and by no means should be accepted as 100% factual. Kona Equity is in no way affiliated with Interview Valet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Interview Valet located?

Interview Valet's headquarters are located at P.O. Box 127  Mattawan, MI  49071.

What is Interview Valet's official website?

Interview Valet's official website is

What is Interview Valet's revenue?

Interview Valet's annual revenue is $4.7 M.

What is Interview Valet's SIC code?

Interview Valet's SIC: 73; 731

What is Interview Valet's NAICS code?

Interview Valet's NAICS: 5418; 541.

How many employees does Interview Valet's have?

Interview Valet has 17 employees

What industry does Interview Valet belong to?

Interview Valet is in the industry of Marketing and advertising.

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