HTI Plastics Inc

Founded in 1985


HTI Plastics is a highly skilled company dedicated to manufacturing injection molded plastics products, building high quality products, including plastic lids, pharmaceutical applicators, firearms, and custom products based on your needs, all while pro...


  • HTI Plastics Inc has a strong market share in their industry
  • The number of employees is growing faster than the industry average
  • Revenue growth is more steady than the industry average


  • Revenue generated per employee is less than the industry average
  • Revenue growth is less than the industry average
  • Since HTI Plastics Inc was founded, the company has experienced slower revenue growth than the industry average
  • Web traffic rankings are worse than the industry average

Annual Revenue

HTI Plastics Inc's annual revenue


Based on Kona Equity data

  • Revenue per employee


  • Variance of revenue growth


  • Annual revenue growth since founding


  • Revenue growth rate from first known quarter to current


Employee Count

131 employees

  • Employee growth rate from first known quarter to current



Troy Just



David Monroe

Senior Maintenance Technician


Trevor Cartagena

Senior Maintenance Technician


Brandon Olds

Tool Room Manager


Brian Potter

Manufacturing Engineer


John Eby

Director, Sales & Marketing


Chris Reed

Director, Engineering


Thao Nguyen

Production Supervisor


Kimngan Le

Senior Assembly Operator


Bill Fendrick

Manufacturing Engineer


Kevin Essink

Engineering Supervisor


Jacob Wusk

Quality Assurance Specialist


Ford Earhart

Director, Quality


Brent Beerenstrauch

Manufacturing Engineer


Richelle Jacobs

Sales Manager


Curt Webber

Maintenance Mechanic


Norman Vargas

Crane Operator


Robert Bohling

Facilities Custodian


John Changstrom

Supervisor, Production


Michael Wetzel

Assembly Supervisor


David Williams

Production Supervisor


Howard Cohen

Sales Manager


Nate Whitmore

Manager, Logistics


Steve Hearn

Supervisor, N2 Production


David Jacobs

Manager, Training


G Score - 3

The G Score is an eight-point scale where firms are given a score of 1 for each of the criteria that they pass. The G score compares a company against the industry median to find those that are healthy and growing.

  • G1 Revenue is greater than the industry median.
  • G4 Employee growth rate from the first known quarter to current is higher than the industry average.
  • G5 Variance of revenue growth is less than the industry average

Web Analysis

  • Rank

    5.96 M

  • Page views per visitor



5120 NW 38th St. 
Lincoln, NE  68524

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Key Information

  • SIC: 30; 306
  • NAICS: 3261; 32
Disclaimer: These numbers are estimates and any other company information is based off our proprietary algorithms and by no means should be accepted as 100% factual. Kona Equity is in no way affiliated with HTI Plastics Inc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is HTI Plastics Inc located?

HTI Plastics Inc's headquarters are located at 5120 NW 38th St.  Lincoln, NE  68524.

What is HTI Plastics Inc's official website?

HTI Plastics Inc's official website is

What is HTI Plastics Inc's revenue?

HTI Plastics Inc's annual revenue is $39.7 M.

What is HTI Plastics Inc's SIC code?

HTI Plastics Inc's SIC: 30; 306

What is HTI Plastics Inc's NAICS code?

HTI Plastics Inc's NAICS: 3261; 32.

How many employees does HTI Plastics Inc's have?

HTI Plastics Inc has 131 employees

What industry does HTI Plastics Inc belong to?

HTI Plastics Inc is in the industry of Mechanical or industrial engineering.

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