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We support our clients by providing research design, administration, and analysis solutions designed to uncover actionable insights from their employees, customers, and potenti

$4.77 M Revenue 25 Employees Atlanta, GA Market researcher 5

This page is geared towards mystery shoppers and is designed to educate and recruit shoppers into the mystery shopping industry and provide insight into our wide variety of mys

$1.15 M Revenue 6 Employees McDonough, GA Market Researcher 4

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Majority Opinion Research is a marketing research company specializing in quantitative and qualitative research.

$1.02 M Revenue 5 Employees Atlanta, GA Market researcher 4

PVR is a market research firm where you are always paid for your time to participate in taste tests, focus groups, etc. There is no fee to join or participate.

$4.35 M Revenue 21 Employees Duluth, GA Market Researcher 3

Brandware Public Relations is part of The Brandware Group, Inc., founded in 2000 by Elke Martin and David Krysiek. Elke and David spent decades in corporate communications, mar...

$3.91 M Revenue 20 Employees Atlanta, GA Market Researcher 1

Industry-leading POI, footfall, and location intelligence for shopping centers, retailers, real estate, and more. Our data-first consultative approach helps you tell the story

$3.78 M Revenue 19 Employees Atlanta, GA Market Researcher 1

Atlanta advanced analytics services provide actionable solutions. Inteletix is an experienced analytics Atlanta company.

$1.16 M Revenue 6 Employees Buford, GA Market Researcher