Millwood Brewing

Founded in 2015


Millwood Brewing Co. is a craft brewery located in the heart of Millwood. We are dedicated to creating high-quality craft beverages that pay homage to the traditions of the past. Our brewery and tap room provide a welcoming and social atmosphere for th...


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  • Revenue generated per employee is less than the industry average

Annual Revenue

Millwood Brewing's annual revenue


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Employee Count

6 employees

G Score - 0

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9013 E Frederick Ave 
Millwood, WA  99212

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Key Information

  • SIC: 20; 208
  • NAICS: 31; 312
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Millwood Brewing located?

Millwood Brewing's headquarters are located at 9013 E Frederick Ave  Millwood, WA  99212.

What is Millwood Brewing's official website?

Millwood Brewing's official website is

What is Millwood Brewing's revenue?

Millwood Brewing's annual revenue is $896.0 K.

What is Millwood Brewing's SIC code?

Millwood Brewing's SIC: 20; 208

What is Millwood Brewing's NAICS code?

Millwood Brewing's NAICS: 31; 312.

How many employees does Millwood Brewing's have?

Millwood Brewing has 6 employees

What industry does Millwood Brewing belong to?

Millwood Brewing is in the industry of Food & beverages.

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