Founded in 1996


Envirovision Inc. is a professional environmental engineering company. Since 1989 we've been providing complete and high quality environmental services to industrial, commercial, governmental and residential clients. Our services include assessment, management, remediation, system solutions and environmental consulting in Toronto and the surrounding areas. With our professional experience, strong academic foundation and dedication to client satisfaction, we provide clients with technically sound solutions to any environmental challenge. We offer targeted programs based on a thorough methodology to serve the needs of a diverse range of environmentally concerned organizations. By discussing and reviewing the specific needs of a project with each client, we determine the most feasible option(s) for a customized program. Through ongoing collaborations with governmental, industrial and educational institutions, we remain up-to-date with environmental standards and requirements. Our staff consists of professional engineers, hydro geologists and environmental technicians who have diverse areas of expertise and experience. We also work with a network of senior and intermediate engineering consultants and advisers who offer a broad range of services in environmental consulting throughout Toronto, Canada, the United States, Central America and Europe. Here at Envirovision Inc. we have successfully completed more than 4,500 environmental projects in Canada and around the world.


  • Envirovision has a strong market share in their industry
  • Revenue generated per employee is greater than industry average
  • Demonstrating revenue growth that is faster than the industry average
  • The number of employees is growing faster than the industry average
  • Revenue growth is more steady than the industry average
  • Since Envirovision was founded, the company has grown faster than the industry average


  • N/A

Annual Revenue

Envirovision's annual revenue


Based on Kona Equity data

  • Revenue per employee


  • Variance of revenue growth


  • Annual revenue growth since founding


  • Revenue growth rate from first known quarter to current


Employee Count

23 employees

  • Employee growth rate from first known quarter to current



Emil Cioana

No Title Available


Vaidehi Bhatt



Mihaela Cudalbu

Manager, Sales & Purchase


Catalin Ionescu

Senior Project Manager


Helen Lee

Research Assistant


Guillermo Morales



Harish Chikhale



Eric Garner

Head Of Maintenance


Justin Woo

Account Executive


Syeda Husain

Co Producer


Almonzo James

Warehouse Associate


G Score - 6

The G Score is an eight-point scale where firms are given a score of 1 for each of the criteria that they pass. The G score compares a company against the industry median to find those that are healthy and growing.

  • G1 Revenue is greater than the industry median.
  • G2 Income per employee more than industry average.
  • G3 Revenue growth rate from the first known quarter to current is higher than the industry average.
  • G4 Employee growth rate from the first known quarter to current is higher than the industry average.
  • G5 Variance of revenue growth is less than the industry average
  • G6 Annual revenue growth since founding is higher than the industry average.


210 Drumlin Circle, Unit 4 
Concord, Ontario  L4K 3E3

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Key Information

  • SIC: 49
  • NAICS: 221; 22
Disclaimer: These numbers are estimates and any other company information is based off our proprietary algorithms and by no means should be accepted as 100% factual. Kona Equity is in no way affiliated with Envirovision.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Envirovision located?

Envirovision's headquarters are located at 210 Drumlin Circle, Unit 4  Concord, Ontario  L4K 3E3.

What is Envirovision's official website?

Envirovision's official website is

What is Envirovision's revenue?

Envirovision's annual revenue is $5.6 M.

What is Envirovision's SIC code?

Envirovision's SIC: 49

What is Envirovision's NAICS code?

Envirovision's NAICS: 221; 22.

How many employees does Envirovision's have?

Envirovision has 23 employees

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